• The research shall be authentic and original and directly relevant to the topics of the conference.
  • The research has not been presented or published in previous seminars or conferences.
  • The research abstract shall be about (250) words, in Arabic or English, with five keywords.
  • The research words shall not exceed 10,000 words.
  • The researcher may not participate with more than one research.
  • The research font shall be in Arabic (Simplified Arabic); 14 for titles, 12 for text and 10 for footnotes.
  • The insert footnote feature, available in the Word, shall be used in writing footnotes. We regret to inform you that we shall not publish the research in the conference book should the manual method of writing notes be used
  • Source of images, drawings and maps shall be listed.
  • The Scientific Committee may not approve any research paper if it does not meet the scientific standard conditions, without giving reasons. Approving the abstract does not necessarily mean that the submitted research will be approved.
  • Priority shall be given to researches concerned with the study of the core of the subject, and serve the topics of the conference directly. In case of repetition, the rule of “First Come, First Served” shall be applied.
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